No job is worth a commute.

Commuting is unpaid labor.

In order to commute, I have to get up 90 minutes to 2 hours before I need to report to work. I will then spend 30 minutes to an hour doing the most stressful and dangerous work I’d have to do (driving to/from the office) without pay. I will also have to pay for a lunch, pay to get gas, pay to maintain my vehicle, pay higher auto insurance rates, and risk my life just to make a manager happy.

The office is a less productive environment.

Managers, I get that you feel more productive when everybody is colocated. You feel that the best way to promote synergy (like a boss) is for everybody to be in the same place, exchanging water cooler/coffee pot gossip, and being able to tap on my shoulder to get status updates.

Most managers suck at management.

I hate to break it to you, managers, but the vast majority of you were Peter Principled into your position. You suck at it, and you’re trying to cover up the fact that you suck at your job by interfering with my ability to do mine.

We’re not a family. We’re coworkers.

If I had a year’s pay for every boss I’ve ever heard that made this comment, it’d almost make up for the wage theft that I’ve experienced at the hands of this attitude (usually in the form of unpaid, uncompensated overtime).

My coffee is better than yours.

You think you’re buying good coffee because it came from Starbucks. Let me burst your bubble: Starbucks coffee is absolute crap. Sure, it’s a step up from Folgers/Maxwell House/the store brand at the warehouse club, but it’s still not good. Starbucks routinely overroasts their beans because they buy low quality, low altitude beans that provide a consistent flavor profile (and when you’re a mass market vendor like Starbucks, consistency is more important than quality). It’s the only way they can get the bulk they need to satisfy demand.

My desk at home is better than my desk at the office.

The pandemic caused me to invest significantly into a work from home setup. Since my coworkers started being told that they were required to work from home, I have purchased the following:

  • Three 27 inch monitors
  • A 1080p webcam
  • A dock for my laptops
  • A much larger standing desk than I have ever had at an office.
  • A much better office chair than I have ever had in an office, even when I brought my own.
  • An espresso machine
  • A better coffee grinder
  • A house with a room I could turn into a dedicated office space

The bottom line

Allowing and expecting IT workers to be primarily work from home, only coming in to an office on occasions when they need to be there provides a lot of benefits to your company and IT work force:

  • You’re spending less on corporate real estate, because you’re not housing so many developers.
  • Your IT staff gets an effective pay increase, simply because they’re not driving to work.
  • Your IT staff is more productive than they are at the office.



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